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The Full Story

At Maatrushakti, we are dedicated to providing mothers with a safe and comfortable place to breastfeed or pump for their babies. Our breastfeeding pods are equipped with the latest technology to provide a private and secure environment for mothers. We also offer a pumping station and diaper changing station to ensure that

mother's needs are met.

In a five-minute, web-link-based survey, 900 mothers were surveyed, 77% of whom were in the 25-to-35-year age group while the remaining 23% were in the age group of 36 to 45 years. The survey reported some disturbing findings (Assanair 2019).

Almost 90% of Indian women surveyed had fed their babies in their own car, 78% in public transport, 56% in restaurants, 49% in car parking, 47% in trial rooms, 44% in washrooms, 41% in religious places and 32% in parks. Only 6% of the mothers surveyed found breastfeeding rooms to nurse their children comfortably.

When a lactating mother travels with her baby in a public space and the baby cries out in hunger, there are two options readily available to her. She can either breastfeed in public or can use the public toilet.

To help avoid this issue, we bring a unique solution – Maatrushakti.

Our objective is to provide a compact solution across the nation to a big problem of every mother feeding their baby in public by creating and providing a safe space to breastfeed while using public transit systems across India and public spaces.

Our goal is to make breastfeeding and pumping convenient and comfortable for all mothers. We believe that no mother should have to worry about finding a private and comfortable place to feed or pump their baby.

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