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Safe and Innovative Baby Feeding Solutions

About Us

At Maatrushakti, we are passionate about creating safe and innovative baby-feeding solutions that make parenting easier. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. We strive to make a positive impact on the lives of parents and babies around the world.

“Mothers who breastfeed face challenges when they are in public places, as they may feel uncomfortable or may not have access to a private, secured and comfortable space to nurse their babies.”

We want to help aid this problem by providing a comfortable and easy solution to all the mothers out there who find it uncomfortable to feed their child while traveling or when they are outside.


"I finally have a place to feed my child when I am travelling, thanks to Maatrushakti for helping mothers and children. Amazing concept."

Feeding Pod Features


Our Pods are very easy to assemble and install. We provide complete instructions and assistance for set-up. 

Easy Installation

The pods with step-by-step instructions, user manual, video instructions and we also appoint a point of contact who will be with you throughout your journey with us.


It is of utmost importance to provide with a secured space to all the mothers and their children. The pods come with a secured locking system.


Customer Reviews

“I love the Maatrushakti bottles! My baby had no trouble transitioning from breast to bottle and the bottles are so easy to clean.”
Tina Patel
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